A Seasonal message from Club President Bob Andrews (and a very old photo to make him feel young again!)


No-one could have predicted that following our last 1stXV league game, March 7th, at home to our old adversaries, Weymouth & Portland RFC, that we would not play another match for the remainder of 2020.


For a lot of us, players, supporters and sponsors alike it is not just the game that we have missed it is the social interaction that rugby generates which provides us with the opportunity to unwind with friends in a social environment that is unique.


Rugby is more than a game, for many of us it is a way of life and its simple unwritten code of looking after each other, on and off the pitch, in our social lives, in our business lives, is the perfect antidote to the very hectic, results driven, pressurised lives that most of us lead today. Rugby clubs provide that safe environment where we can all let our hair down and take stock of what is important in life, families and friendship.


During lockdown we have heard a lot, quite rightly, about our mental health and the importance of not neglecting this part of our welfare. I cannot think of a better way to take care of our mental health than to be back playing rugby, socialising with friends at the club, to feel the energy, to enjoy the atmosphere, the singing, the laughter, the old stories and the camaraderie.


I look forward to seeing you all again at the club in 2021 and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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