Tue 09 May 2017 21:05

The ‘100’ Club is our very own monthly lottery, with half of all proceeds making up cash prizes & the other half going to our own ‘good cause’ – Dorchester Rugby Football Club.

We currently have only 70 members which generates £350 per month - £175 for prizes (1st prize: £100, 2nd prize £50 & 3rd prize £25) and £175 for DRFC. Our aim is to increase the membership to at least 100 – if we could, it would generate a £250 prize fund (£125, £75 & £50) and £250 a month for DRFC – income that is consistently required for repairs, maintenance and other running costs to keep the clubhouse and pitches maintained for all our members, including players, supporters and parents.

The minimum stake is £5 per month to enter the draw, payable to Dorchester RFC Ltd by standing order; each £5 buys one ‘number’ and one chance to win. The draw takes place on the third Thursday of each month at the DFRC General Committee Meeting and cheques for prize money are mailed directly to the winners at home.

So, please help us to raise much needed funds for your rugby club along with the chance for you to win some cash. Just complete & return the standing order form below (with the first payment due before the third Thursday of the month) and with your support we will then be able to offer a further increase in the prizes…thanks & good luck!